South Sudan’s oil minister pronounced on Thursday that the us of a has made its first oil discovery seeing that declaring its independence eight years ago, in accordance to Reuters.

The today’s oil find, at 5.3 million barrels of recoverable oil, is small but noteworthy for the united states that has considered its oil manufacturing fall from as an awful lot as 0.35 million barrels per day to the present day degree of 0.18 million barrels per day as the war with neighboring Sudan broken fundamental infrastructure. South Sudan has plans to resume its pre-war degrees by way of the quit of next year.

For South Sudan this is critical. While it solely produces 180,000 barrels per day, almost all of the country’s revenues come from its oil industry. According to the World Bank, South Sudan is the most closely oil-dependent state in the world.

South Sudan has been on a borrowing spree this 12 months as it struggles to get its oil enterprise returned on track. The loans, many of which had been from China, were supposed to be paid lower back through future oil revenues –from oil that had not but been gotten out of the ground.

China is closely embedded in South Sudan’s oil industry, and China’s JVs in the united states are responsible for the majority of what it produces today.

South Sudan has plans to assemble an inland crude pipeline that will tie into the foremost export pipeline that leads to Port Sudan at the Red Sea. The pipeline is anticipated to be done in the fourth quarter of next year, S&P Platts said on Tuesday, quoting South Sudan oil minister Awow Daniel Chuang.

South Sudan is thought to hold 3.5 billion barrels of oil, plenty of which has but to be explored.

By Julianne Geiger for