Coatings are the surfacing solutions providing unique properties to solve wear, gall resistance, corrosion, and a mating surface for seals. High velocity coatings applied with the correct combination of thermal and kinetic energy result in tremendous bond strength and density. Low application temperatures, high wear resistance, thin coatings, and precision finishing combine to surpass performance standards.

Alloy Carbide Company applies one of the best tungsten carbide coatings in the United States. We have taken years of high-pressure/high temperature experience and applied it to solve various wear and corrosion problems throughout the process environment.

Carbide coatings originated over 45 years ago when high-temperature/high pressure process surfaces unexpectedly became worn or corroded. The introduction of tungsten carbide coatings immediately created a new wear and corrosion resistant alternative.

Process engineers specify hard metals to combat problems such as abrasion, erosion, or corrosion in their high pressure process environments. They are now discovering that our coating of tungsten carbide, applied directly to high wear areas, will extend the life of exposed parts by as much as 10 times.

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