To test the hardness of the plating, micro hardness test is applied where a Vickers diamond indenter is used to make an indentation on the plating, then the dimension of the indentation and the gram load force are used as a function to calculate the Micro hardness. Macro hardness Rockwell: To determine the mechanical property of the entire component, it is put through a macro hardness test to ensure consistent and high quality of the coating. This process can also be referred to as macro indentation test.

Bond strength tensile test: in this test, we determine the maximum tensile load required to rupture the coating this amount is used as an indicator of the bond strength of the coating. The procedure is subjecting the test component to high tensile load from a tensile text machine until rupturing. The strength being applied at the exact point of rupture is noted.

Shear strength tensile test: In a shear strength test, a shear load is applied parallel to the surface of the coated component until failure.