The petroleum industry has witnessed new technologies that have brought about new energy reserves like the United States benefiting from production of shale gas. Some of these new technology includes horizontal drilling, steerable bits, and hydraulic fracturing.

In response to this, there is an increased involvement in natural gas liquid, ethylene crackers, and petrochemical construction along the gulf coast because natural gas is predicted to overtake coal as the second top source of global fuel. All of these refining make use of significant metal equipment that is exposed to harsh temperature and chemical compositions.

For this purposes, our industrially manufactured and coated valve and industrial components come to play significantly. They are built and tested to withstand the conditions of petrochemical refineries and production of liquid gas and we are available full and specific services to these industries.

Our engineers have researched and developed solutions to help the high oil production in the US. It is no news that US Oil production is at its boom, witnessing a continuously appreciating production level, and natural gas is also growing alongside. In response, we have manufactured numerous ball and seat assemblies to meet up the high pressure, high temperature, high cycles and high solids exposure faced during offshore drilling.

Our company helps to increase the longevity of equipment used for horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing and steerable bits by coating them appropriately to increase their resilience against wear and corrosion. We also offer repair and maintenance services to fracking industries.