CNC Machines


We apply CNC machining as a technological approach to relevant operations to achieve optimal effectiveness. CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machining involves using pre-programmed computer software to control mechanical operations of factory tools and machineries that allow greater efficiency in a wide range of mechanical services. Complex machinery operations like...



Coatings are the surfacing solutions providing unique properties to solve wear, gall resistance, corrosion, and a mating surface for seals. High velocity coatings applied with the correct combination of thermal and kinetic energy result in tremendous bond strength and density. Low application temperatures, high wear resistance, thin coatings, and precision finishing combine to surpass [...]

Precision Machining & Grinding


Through our years of experience at Alloy Carbide, we discovered that a flatter and smoother finish in work pieces enhances the functionality of any operation, to achieve this we prescribe precision machining and grinding. Precision grinding is a common machine procedure that involves using a rotating abrasive wheel to remove the oxide layers of [...]