Stainless steel coating is done to improve the performance of stainless steel machinery in the face of weather, wear and service. Although stainless steel is a high performing material for different mechanical operation, the right coating is needed to enhance its lifespan and resistance. Even with its high tolerance, exposure to different chemicals and prolonged movement and friction can take its toll on stainless steel. Our company recognises this and makes use of different stainless steel coatings to provide extra protection of machine parts.

Alloy Carbide stainless steel coating procedure include surface preparation and coating application. The surface preparation consists of brazing, abrasive blasting and cleaning in an ion free environment to avoid contamination. The stainless steel coatings may be C3, C4, C5I, C5M according to corrosion risk, while prescribing a coating system, we consider the environment where the machinery will be used.